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On Mirage Story

“On Mirage” is an employment agency. We provide jobs for individuals who own various professions mainly in Germany, Europe, America, Dubai etc. We recruit employees for companies in Albania and abroad.

In addition to employment services the agency focuses on financial services and organizes various Work and Travel tours.

Our agency has the mission of being close to our clients, providing the best consulting and recruitment services in accordance with the laws and bylaws in force and with maximum accuracy.

The aim of this agency is to provide a professional service in the complete, accurate and up-to-date information on the laws and conditions of employment, education in Germany, investments that our clients want to make in the aforementioned countries.

We offer reliability and accuracy in what we promise and keep the word given to each client. Consultancy is very important because through it we carefully analyze each person's profile and draw together a path to be followed until successful employment is finalized, accommodation and everything needed to make a dream come true.

We have of course some costs that we have set for each of our services based on market conditions and applicable laws for which we also pay taxes in the Albanian state counting that we are a company registered in NRC as a company.

The costs are relatively reasonable in relation to the services we provide. Each case is specific and we have occasional offers and preferential prices for some specific cases, such as the case of two orphaned parents, but who is excellent in education and in a foreign language.

Employment in Albania and abroad

We enable you to work in the right company.
We provide jobs for individuals who own various professions mainly in Germany, Europe, America, Dubai etc. We recruit employees for companies at home and abroad.

We also offer employment to Albanian nationals who have permanent citizenship or residence permits in a European Union country such as Greece, Italy and want to relocate to Germany, Sweden, England or elsewhere enabling them to find work and accommodate to conditions and specifics. that are discussed during the consultation we arrange with the interested client.

Accounting services

For business we provide accounting services and other financial services.
We also provide accounting services for small, medium and large businesses, as it is a service we provide with professionalism and competitive pricing in the market as one of the founders of the company is in the field of finance with over 15 years of experience.

Investment consulting at home and abroad

We offer market research and consulting for interested third parties who want to invest in Albania or Germany.
This is a service we do best as we have over 12 years of experience in the business and investment market in Albania and over 5 years in Europe where a good knowledge of the laws and practices followed in these countries make us a serious agency in providing this service.
The costs are fair and affordable with what we offer.

Custom Tourist Tours

We, as an agency, also have the right to organize tourist walks in and out of the country, but this is a service we provide expertly only to interested groups where one of the founders of the company has worked for many years in tourism.
Want to get comfortable, then trust us

Financial consulting

Analysis of the legal and administrative structure - Provides assistance in the fulfillment of all administrative procedures. Starting from the choice of tax and accounting regime. Instructs subjects regarding registration procedures at the National Registration Center (NRC), the Social Security Institute, the State Labor Inspectorate and local authorities. video         Project Financial and Fiscal Study - Our office offers its service at the start-up phase. The Office also provides the opportunity to make forecasts on financial and economic terms that are closely related to the continuity of the activity.         

Personnel Training - Maintains continuous relationship with the Administrator and the administration staff of the company for providing professional assistance and economic opinion for the benefit of increasing the effectiveness of the activity and the implementation of legal provisions.         video         It studies and tries to provide solutions to problems and issues that arise during the course of business and are presented by the Company Administration in relation to the evaluation and performance of the investment. Analyzes financial structure, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Expenses as well as Cash-Flow. Quotations and more in the field of finance.

Audit of financial statements

Our office also enables the auditing of financial statements for both legally obliged companies and for companies that want a report on how the company is running.